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Last update: 01/01/2022

This website """" (hereinafter the Site) was created by UAP World Symposium (hereinafter, the Company) to allow visitor users (hereinafter User) of the Site a wide access to the information and activities of the Company.

1. Use of the site

The Company directly cares the collection of information and updates of its services, but cannot guarantee that the site is free from technical problems related to the functioning of the archives used for the update, as it cannot ensure that the information is always exhaustive.
The Company declines all responsibility for any harmful consequences that may result to users from involuntary inaccuracies or material errors in the information.
Furthermore, the Firm reserves the right to change the contents of the site and these legal notes at any time and without notice.

2. Copyright

All the content contained within this website, including text, graphics, files, and images are protected in adherence to the current norms regarding copyright, patents, and intellectual property.
They can therefore be downloaded and used for personal and non-commercial use only: for this reason, nothing may be copied, modified or resold, in whole or in part, for profit-making purposes or for any use whatsoever.

3. Access to external linked sites

The Company is not responsible for sites accessible through links placed within the site, provided as a simple service to network users.
The fact that the Company provides these links does not imply approval of the sites themselves, and the Company declines any and all responsibility for their quality, content and graphics.
The Company shall be not responsible for any information received by the user through when accessing websites linked to its website. Therefore, the completeness and precision of the information is the responsibility of the owners of the sites, access to which is subject to the conditions provided for by them.
The Company does not provide any assurances on the software on any external sites and can not guarantee its quality, safety and compatibility with the system in use.

4. Download

Objects, products, programs and routines available in this site for download, such as technical or commercial documentation, software, etc, unless otherwise indicated, are available free of charge according to the conditions laid down by the Company and the Company cannot guarantee their quality, safety and compatibility with the systems in use.
Material that can be downloaded from this site may be covered by copyright, rights of use and/or copy of their respective owners; therefore it is encouraged to check the conditions of use and rights and the Company is explicitly relieved of any responsibility.

5. Privacy and cookie policy

The Company guarantees that the processing of data, which were sent by mail or electronic forms also in the recording, is in conformity with the provisions of the privacy legislation as specified in the note.
Anything that may be sent to our e-mail address (requests, suggestions, ideas, information, materials, etc.) shall not be considered confidential information or data, shall not violate the rights of others and shall contain valid information that does not violate the rights of others and is truthful; in any case, the Company shall not be held responsible for the content of the messages themselves.
In order to make its services as efficient and easy to use as possible, this Site uses cookies and the rules governing them are set out in the relevant information note.

For the rules on the processing of personal data by the Company and on the use of cookies, please refer to the specifically dedicated "Privacy and Cookie Policy" area of the site.

6. Computer viruses

The Company, as long as it adopts constantly updated protection systems, does not guarantee that viruses do not infect the site or is without any execution errors that may be generated by them. The Company, its suppliers and its collaborators are not, therefore, liable for the damages suffered by the user due to these elements of destructive character.